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'Separation of powers' peddlers dishonestly mixing up concepts

Xiao Ping says existence of three branches of power does not mean they automatically constitute a 'separation of powers' model.

07 September, 2020

Let’s be honest about freedom of speech

Ho Lok-sang says HK society must ask itself if it wants no limits on what a person can say.

19 October, 2020

Nobel Peace Prize recognizes merit while avoiding politics

Grenville Cross says prize committee has shown again it sees through cynical moves like US Senator Marco Rubio’s nomination of HK’s violent anti-government protesters.

13 October, 2020

CE Policy Address should show courage to tackle deep-rooted problems

Tony Kwok says the lack of accountability among professional union groups that enables subversive behavior, threatens security needs to be addressed.

12 October, 2020

HK election postponed — and where aren’t they?

Andre Vltchek says that whether the elections were to be held or not, attacks against Lam and Beijing were planned to continue.

10 August, 2020

Growing and glowing — all in a power game

CLP Group’s growth into a regional electricity giant has been synonymous with the nation’s economic miracle. CEO Richard Lancaster tells Edith Lu the Bay Area’s push will keep the torch burning.

25 October, 2019

Trading giant a partner in economic miracle

Fung Group grows to gain international stature along with the People’s Republic of China with the national development strategies and goals.

18 October, 2019

Italian corp an avant garde for green practice

As the idea of cutting the carbon footprint in business has been embraced by more companies globally, CEO of Maintetti tells Pamela Lin why and how they are spearheading the green campaign.

09 August, 2019
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