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MOFA Fact Sheet: US hostility towards HK exposed for all to see

Grenville Cross says Hong Kong is stronger than ever and can face future with renewed confidence.

28 September, 2021

Western criticism of HK elections are groundless, self-serving lies

The quality of democracy is not measured by how fierce the competition is in elections, but by the broadness of representation.

19 September, 2021

Misrepresenting one of two major insurrections

Richard Cullen says events in Washington and HK show the US is fixated on containing the rise of China.

26 September, 2021

New election system sustains 'one country, two systems'

Lau Siu-kai says revamped polling body heralds effective governance, and has put HK’s democratic development on a more solid foundation.

19 September, 2021

Raab's condemnation of NSD over arrests shows his hypocrisy

Tony Kwok says a clearer picture will soon emerge of the role of foreign agents in their failed attempt to mount a 'color revolution' in Hong Kong.

16 September, 2021

Stability and governance key to 'one country, two systems' success

Xiao Ping says only once the two main causes are tackled can Hong Kong focus on addressing deep-seated socioeconomic problems.

18 March, 2021

Hong Kong financial center should serve the needs of the economy

Ho Lok-sang says amid a lackluster stock market performance, the HKEX does not need to loosen regulations just to boost business and GFCI ranking.

28 September, 2021


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